15 delicious, easy recipes for authentic Italian cooking

There’s no better moment to make some of the classic Italian recipes designed specifically for entertaining. Imagine ice-cold Negronis; antipasto platters piled high with delicious food, and tomato sauces that transport you to a different place.

These 15 Italian-inspired dishes from Delicious.com.au prove that the perfect dinner can be as good as spending a week in Portofino. Made possible by Italy’s top tomato brand, Mutti. When you know, then you know.

Perfect cannoli crepes

These super-easy pancake cones are filled with ricotta, candied citron, and lemon syrup and then sprinkled with pistachio powder.

Pork belly with guanciale, and Porcini polpette

Jessica Brook’s special Italian meatballs recipe calls for a variety of quality ingredients, including Mutti crushed tomatoes, rindless Guanciale (pork belly), and butcher-fresh pork.

The Lonely Mary Cocktail

For a more umami-forward version, you can use vodka, gin, or tequila, 400g of Mutti Polpa Finely Chopped tomatoes, and a variety of garnishes.

Warm gnocchi and spinach salad

Delicious, quick, and easy to prepare, this salad is ready in just minutes. Serve this salad as soon as you toss the ingredients to get the perfect texture and temperature.

Spaghetti crime di Rapa and prawns

This classic and perfectly balanced recipe is the perfect warm-weather pasta dish. The perfect marriage of rich Italian flavors and fresh Australian seafood.

Vegan Italian noodle salad

Italian food does not exclude vegans. This delicious salad can be made using pasta without eggs and pesto without parmesan without losing any taste.

Italian sausages and white bean braised.

This Italian sausage with Mutti Polpa canned tomato and white bean braise makes a delicious and easy variation of meatballs. It can be served as a meal by adding some crusty bread.

Blood orange negroni

Try this new twist on the classic Negroni to kick off aperitivo. This robust, bitter, and floral cocktail will also make the most of Australia’s blood orange season, which runs from August to October.

Strozzapreti topped with zucchini flowers and pangrattato

Mitch Orr has created a modern version of the classic. It’s especially great because you don’t need to be a master at stuffing zucchini flowers.

Mortadella fritta cacio e pepe

It’s a fancy name for “fried ham,” but the Italian method makes for an elegant, lightweight deck dinner. Pickled peppers are a great accompaniment to this dish, as their acidity helps cut through the fat.

Italian-style roast chicken

Roast chicken is a great centerpiece for any meal, and it’s even better when you do it in an Italian style with salt, pepper, lemon, and good olive oils.

Matt Preston’s cheesy lasagna

Matt Preston says “Las,agne, without a doubt, is the heavyweight champion in Italian cuisine.” Preparation time for this beauty is four hours, but it’s a crowd-pleaser.

Zabaglioni affogato and crostoli

This affogato is a great way to end any Italian meal. Be sure to allow the Zabaglioni to cool completely before pouring. Finisci di mangiare!

Italian Salad with Panettone Croutons

This gorgeous salad, which is the perfect accompaniment to heavier Italian mains and pastas, also contains fennel. Many Nonnas around the world swear that fennel helps with digestion.

The perfect Italian Summer Pudding

This easy-peasy dessert can be prepared and chilled ahead of time. It tastes best when served with the beautiful, in-season raspberries you have in your refrigerator.

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