28 healthy and nutritious bliss balls and bars to get you through the day

It’s easy for you to succumb to devilish temptations when you crave a sweet treat. What if you could satisfy your chocolate cravings with healthy snacks?

These recipes, from healthy paleo snicker bars to Ferrero Rocher Protein Balls, will keep you fuller and energized for longer while being delicious and sweet.

Make room in your lunchbox for these healthy salted caramel oat bar

These bars are healthy and make for the perfect breakfast to grab and go.

Healthy paleo snickers

These gooey peanut butter treats, just like their namesake, are filled with nuts, but they use rice malt for a sweeter and healthier treat.


Peanut Butter, Oats, and Jam Bars

Danielle Alvarez’s sweet and salty snack bar is made with pantry staples.

White Christmas balls are a dream of ours!

These little morsels with cranberries and pistachios will be a big hit at Christmas.

Replace roses with dark chocolate and cherry truffles

Cherries and Chocolate… A match made in Heaven Start this recipe at least five hours in advance.

These coconut fudge bliss balls will help you beat the afternoon slump

A small amount of salt balances the sweetness of these sweets. Lucy Busuttil says that you can store these delicious treats in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

These ANZAC biscuits might be the healthiest of all time

These ANZAC-inspired bars, drizzled with carob and sprinkled with hazelnuts, are packed with protein, fiber, and sugar-free, yet still taste great.

Healthy chocolate, coconut, and date balls

This is a quick and healthy snack you can prepare in advance. This recipe can be started a day ahead.

Baklava bliss balls

Enjoy these bite-sized baklava treats.


Nut and date beach balls

These round, pureed bites of dried fruits, seeds, and nuts are perfect with coffee or as an energy snack.

Golden Syrup Joys

These toasted buckwheat bites are a nostalgic treat, full of flavors that bring back sweet memories.

Caramel peanut balls

Keep these Snickers-inspired Snacks in the refrigerator for a midnight treat.

Jamie Oliver’s delicious energy balls

You will be able to power through your day with these super-nutritious, flavour-packed balls. This recipe is Jamie Oliver’s Everyday Super Food extract.

No-bake banana protein bread bars

This coconut-flavored treat is a great way to use up overripe bananas and jar ends of nut butter.

Grab and Go Muesli Bars

These bars are a delicious combination of crunchy nuts and soft fruits. They will give you all the energy you require to get through the day.

Pantry bars

You can experiment with cereals and dried fruits such as rice puffs or nuts.

Raw chocolate-strawberry bars

Beetroot scraps can be used to add color to half-used nuts packets.

Chia fruit salad balls

These sweet bites are a great snack for kids that is packed with protein from chia seeds.


Sugar-free protein clinkers

Use your imagination to color your clinkers. We used beetroot leftovers, pistachios, and frozen berries, as well as a tiny bit of turmeric that was lurking in our fridge.

Raw Nutella bars

Nutella raw bars are delicious and healthy. They are the perfect guilt-free mid-afternoon treat.

Ferrero Rocher protein balls

Shannon Harley’s sugar-free Ferrero Rochers are full of protein and packed with nutrients.


Ginger sesame bars with passionfruit drizzle

The ginger and sesame bar has all the wonderful spice of gingerbread plus more. These bars are also dairy-free glu, gluten-free, and packed with fiber.

Forget the cereal and try Sonoma’s almond cranberry bars

Jordan Miller from Sonoma shares a granola bar recipe that uses pantry staples. This recipe should be started at least six hours in advance.

Cooee’s rum balls

Every Christmas, this recipe is a staple on our table.

Pecan & Orange Snowballs

This sweet treat will add a citrus touch to your Christmas celebrations.

Smoky Quinoa and Cacao Bars

These Nordic-inspired smoky cacao and quinoa bars are gluten and refined sugar-free, making them the perfect guilt-free indulgence. This is an excerpt from Nordic Light by Simon Bajada.

Salted caramel chocolate bars

Natalie Paull says, “I can’t resist these bars. The caramel filling is amazing.” This recipe is a copy of Beatrix Bakes by Natalie Paull.

We made a rum ball into a vegan slice.

This is the perfect dessert for when it’s 30° outside, and you want to make a healthy (light) dessert. You won’t sink to the bottom. Charlotte Binns McDonald, food editor at the New York Times, has you covered with this vegan rum-ball turned slice recipe. Who said that Christmas always had to be a big blowout?

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