Best Italian Restaurant Perth

We can’t blame ourselves for our love affair with Italian restaurants. True masters of deliciousness are masters at it.

Save your weekly carb allowance on something other than sub-par food. Finding authentic Italian requires due diligence. We’ve done all the research and separated the stayers from our players. You can say Grazie Mille to us later. These are the best Italian restaurants in Perth.


Mount Lawley

This popular laneway restaurant serves a bit of Rome here in Perth. When in Rome, be like the Romans. In this instance, it’s all pins and not pizza. Pinsa dough is made differently, is easier to digest, and has fewer carbs and fats than other pizza doughs. So feel free to forget about the guilt. It’s also delicious. Their pasta menu is also worth a look. They have one of the most delightful cacio pipes in Perth. It’s made with giant cheese wheels and delivered right to your table. Say no more.


Do you refuse to order pasta at a restaurant? Can you make a carbonara at your home? After enjoying Joel Valvasori’s creations, you will soon be enjoying your words and a piece of humble pie. Lulu La Delizia is regarded as one of the top restaurants in Perth and nationally. You can also request burrata from the chef if you prefer to avoid making decisions. We are confident that this is the right place to start when you’re searching for the best Italian restaurants Perth has to offer.

Galileo Buona Cucina

Shenton Park

Galileo has been so authentic that the Italian Government has awarded the Ospitalita Italiana quality seal. If we need more approval, we need to know how. Galileo Buona Cucina has a strong focus on seasonal cuisine and uses ingredients that are sourced from Italy. They also have over 400 wines from all around the globe on their wine list.



Ischia is a high-end restaurant located on Highgate’s bustling Beaufort Street. We have loved it since day one with its easy-going vibes and delicious food. There are many delicious cheesy delights such as fondue, croquettes, and burrata salad. But, their best-selling item is the epic pizzas you can order by a meter.

Test Bar


Although you won’t find traditional spag-bol here, enjoy what is arguably Perth’s most exciting opening. Test Bar, a lively new neonatal bar by the same family that owns Three Coins Italian (another one of our favorites), is. The younger family members lead the charge, giving the place a ‘when mom and dad are gone, the kids will play’ vibe. There are vibrant non-core interiors, lots of tasty dishes, and lots to choose from that don’t follow old rules. Make a night out of it with your friends, grab a few cheap wines from the Bar, and get together.

Pizzaca Pizzeria And Bar


The new Pizza pizzeria & Bar opened just a few doors from their family’s beloved pizza shop. It’s their first venture into licensed dining, and they’re on to something. Enjoy a glass of red wine, creamy crab, and artichoke dip, followed by pasta. We loved the creamy garlic orecchiette!



Mummucc in Wembley is the place to go if you are looking for authentic Italian food. Although the menu is brief and straightforward, it can be challenging to choose a favorite. The staff is friendly and eager to help. While the pasta is unique, special mention must be made for the Safron Capellini, Gamer, and Nduja Butter. This spot is only accessible by walk-ins and can be crowded at times. However, it is well worth the wait.



Cecchi’s charming courtyard makes it worth the extra effort to walk down Beaufort Street, especially Wednesday nights when they serve insane pizza and pasta dishes at a mere fifteen dollars. This is a great place to go on a rainy day.

Three Coins


Three Coins is another excellent Italian restaurant, just a hop, skip, and jump away from Cecchi’s. The Trequattrini family runs this restaurant (which means three coins). It is as authentic as possible, from the Italian team to the red-checkered tablecloths. The rustic, regional cuisine reigns supreme with dishes such as polenta-crusted shrimp, woodfired Ricotta Gnocchi, and handmade pappardelle, all of which can be washed down with an Italian drink from the list.



The State Buildings is Perth’s most famous foodie destination, and Perth’s Post has established itself as one the top restaurants in Perth. Modern Italian-inspired dishes are full-flavored and beautifully presented in elegant surroundings. No matter what you do, remember dessert!

No Mafia


The Perth wine bar No mafia draws inspiration from Southern Italy’s recipes. The food is simple but delicious. There is also an impressive wine selection and an Italian cocktail menu. The cheese-filled roman ravioli and silky, delicious duck pappardelle are our favorites. You can take a seat in the interior or choose a balcony seat if you are just two. This will allow you to look out onto the street.

Francoforte Spaghetti Bar


A charming little spot in Williams Lane, Francoforte Spaghetti Bar is an experimental but unpretentious joint. It’s a great combination. Their delicious food is too good to keep a secret. They have even accepted requests for gluten-free “spaghetti without regretting” You can bring your chianti and a little money and be Lady and the Tramp.

La Costa


Hidden away from the bustling street life on Market Street, Freo, La Sosta, could be overlooked. It would be a terrible mistake. This spot offers the best Italian cuisine south of the river. It boasts the most delicious handmade pasta and the freshest seafood. The interiors are stunning, and the service is impeccable. You’ll feel like a mafioso with a comb-over if you get a prime spot on the primo balcon.

Birra Ristobar

Mount Hawthorn

Shockingly, it took us so long to reach Birraz. This spot includes first-class Italian tapas with sexy pasta, friendly atmospheres, and great drinks. You can still choose with Egidio’s exclusive selection, which starts at $55 per head for meat and $65 for seafood. This will ensure that you get the best food delivered to your table, and the options will remain the same.

Are you interested in visiting Birraz Ristobar? Purchase a gift voucher.



Garum, a large-scale, rustic Roman restaurant, was brought to us by Guy Grossi (Melbourne restauranteur). It is dedicated to the high-quality, local produce that initially attracted Grossi to WA. It’s inspired by Roman cuisine and dining culture and brings a modern feel to the historic building in which it’s situated. It’s not like you need to be encouraged to get arancini, but let us be that gentle push in the fried-balls-of-risotto-with-cheese direction.



We give two thumbs up to any place offering complimentary soup and a main dish. Capri is a family-owned business that has been serving Fremantle since the 1950s. It provides quality Italian food and excellent service. We recommend the minestrone, and don’t forget the parmesan.

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