Coles Vegemite Hot Cross Buns

You’ve never needed an Aussie twist.

Although Christmas is over, Coles won’t waste time getting its shelves ready for Easter. The supermarket giant announced VEGEMITE and CHEESE, the most Aussie-friendly version of hot cross buns. We’re so happy that what was once a sweet Easter treat is now salty and savory.

Vegemite, cheese hot cross buns

These soft and cheesy morsels are not your typical Easter treat. The Coles website states they are “infused with Vegemite, parmesan and finished with a delicious cheese topping “…..” What’s not to love?!

How do I get them?

Coles has these classics in stock. We didn’t tell you, but these classics are extraordinary! Get in fast (before they go on the shelves).

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