Cooking hacks: Secret to tender meat every time

We think we can all agree that food tastes different when its grandma makes it. It’s what we call ‘Nan’s magic touch.’

It was when my grandmother hosted a barbecue for us. When I served up a variety of different meat cuts, I couldn’t help but notice how tender each one was.

Onions are the key to tender, juicy meat.

We always thought of onions as a staple ingredient in savory dishes to enhance the flavor profile.

This slow-cooker beef dish is a great example. Its selling point may be its melt-in-your-mouth goodness, but the caramelized onions add a sweet, umami, and savory balance.

The onion, however, is a superhero when it comes to achieving the ultimate tenderness.

Tastefood Director Amira Georgy supports this trick by saying: “Adding raw onions to marinades adds flavour and tenderizes the meat. The finer the onion, the better, so I sometimes grate it. Use a glass or ceramic bowl for marinating.”

How does it work exactly?

The Science Behind Onion Tenderizing

According to No Recipes, onions contain enzymes that break down proteins.

The meat and onion must be in direct contact for this method to be effective.

Amira said earlier that it is best to grate or chop the onion up very finely so you can get good contact with the protein. You can even slit your meat to allow the enzymes to work more efficiently.

Tenderising onions: an effective way to save money

This food science hack allows you to take cheap cuts of meat and turn them into succulent, melt-in-your-mouth beef.

We’re always happy to hear about any way to save money AND have a tasty dinner.

Try this recipe for roast lamb

Want to know how it works?

Amira recommends trying the onion trick in this Moroccan Roast Lamb Recipe. “Add 1 small grated onions to the marinade, and you will not be disappointed.”

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