Drops of Rejuvenation

Celebrities are increasingly using IV drips in order to inject concentrated vitamins and fluids into their bloodstreams. Jacqueline Foy sits with Jackie Carroll, the founder of Drip Haus IV Vitamin Infusions, to discuss the benefits of these treatments. They range from boosting the immune system to helping to nurse a bad hangover.

Carroll was a paramedic for seven years before moving to Broome, Australia, to work on a search-and-rescue helicopter. She missed seeing patients each day and was looking for a way to continue helping people in person. She found intravenous vitamin treatments and was immediately sold. Carroll expanded her business to Perth after moving from Broome. She has since been a proponent of the benefits of IV vitamins.

Not Just a Hangover Cure

Carroll heard that companies in other countries were using hydration drops to help people recover after a night out. She traveled to the East Coast to see how many companies were trying these therapies. Carroll says that after she did her research, she realized the vast benefits of vitamin drips for people in general, not only those with hangovers. She explains that “once we launched in Broome I realized that there were a lot of chronically ill patients who were looking for alternatives to treat their condition,” and that the results have been phenomenal. Carroll’s goal is to become a trusted, home-grown IV business in Western Australia. She says that despite the large companies coming from the east, she is happy to continue growing in her backyard.

Benefits of Absorbing

The same vitamins can be taken as a drip, which is a convenient way to take them.

Every day, take supplements. The results can last up to four weeks. It only takes twenty to twenty-five minutes to administer. Carroll says that absorption problems, inflammatory conditions, and the poor quality of foods are compromising gut health.
We only absorb about 30% of the oral supplements that we consume.

Carroll says that the major difference between IV vitamins and oral vitamins is bioavailability. She says that IV vitamins are administered directly into the bloodstream, which allows for almost 100 percent absorption of vitamins from the bag. Oral vitamins are not absorbed well, even in healthy people. This rate is further reduced in those with gut issues, inflammatory conditions, or other health problems.

Rejuvenised and Ready

You want to be at your best in the weeks leading up to your wedding. A vitamin cocktail that will act quickly is appealing. Carroll says that they have drips for all types of results. Clients who are getting married often request more energy. Carroll offers beads to help kick-start metabolisms, which can improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety in the weeks leading up to the wedding.

Carroll suggests vitamin C for a healthy immune system, B12 and B Complex for energy, and choline for those who are getting married.

For cognitive function, to keep your brain sharp. Lysine is also recommended for anyone with cold sores to avoid them popping up at the worst possible time. She adds: “Some Calm Your Farm” to calm your nerves as you approach the altar. All of these things will help you stay hydrated and recover after your wedding.

Feel Good

A paramedic or registered nurse will come to you on the day of your appointment. This can be done at your home, hotel, or anywhere else you feel comfortable. Carroll’s team conducts a thorough consultation to determine your daily vitamin intake. Based on your goals and your health factors, they will recommend the best option for you. Drip Haus offers a menu of pre-set drips.
The drips are also tailored to specific results. Carroll says that some clients will feel like a million bucks after the treatment, while others may take several days to absorb and use the vitamins. So don’t be alarmed if you do not notice any changes in your energy level right away. Carroll says that a healthy person will benefit from the vitamins for three to four weeks. However, this can vary depending on each individual.

Carroll’s last advice is to relax and enjoy your day. Enjoy every moment and feel your best.

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