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This makeup mogul and this event coordinator are both dedicated to their craft. They have a wealth of experience in the wedding industry and share their stories. Find out more about some of the personalities and lives of your favorite wedding vendors, such as Aoife. Butler spends 5 minutes with two of Western Australia’s most trusted vendors.


For how long have you worked in the wedding industry? What is it that makes weddings so special to you?

Black Lash Makeup is on a mission to help women be comfortable wearing makeup. They also want them to understand that being beautiful means being your best self. Because of this, I find weddings to be a natural fit for me. Not many people would want to look unrecognizable on their wedding day. Each wedding is unique, and I love being a part of something so special and personal to someone’s family. It’s a very special experience to spend a wedding day with the bride and her family.”



In a few sentences, how would you describe your personality?

“I am an extrovert – someone who is always eager to meet new people. If I say that I will do something, I am a ‘doer.’
I will. “I’m passionate about family, my job, holidays, cocktails, spending time with friends and helping women feel beautiful as they are!”

Why did you get into the wedding industry?

“I think I started doing weddings initially because I thought it was the only way to survive my industry. I didn’t believe there was enough work to sustain me without them. I have indeed changed my mind, and now I continue to do weddings because I think that I can offer something to the non-make-up-wearing world. I want to make people feel beautiful on their wedding day. Not just when they see themselves in photos but also when they look in the mirror. I want to offer brides exceptional service with clear communication and no stress. “I think that balancing creativity with running a reliable and efficient business is important, especially in the wedding industry.”



“Oh my gosh, each one is unique and memorable.” My wedding stories are very personal, and I love working with my friends in the industry. The wedding of Jacqui & Anna will forever hold a place in my heart. I was honored to have been able to calm their nerves in the days leading up to the wedding. I have made lifelong friendships with a family that I help occasionally and who show me how to deal with life’s challenges in a dignified and graceful manner. “I’m lucky that our paths met when they did.”



What is the most inspiring thing about your work?

“I love skin! “I love skin!” I do not believe that you can achieve flawless makeup without spending time and effort to make your skin look the best. This is why I often refer brides to a beauty therapist for consultations about treatments that will make their skin look and feel its best on their wedding day. I am inspired by any makeup look that makes the skin the star. It’s important to strike the right balance between flawless makeup and glowing makeup.

Why do you love weddings so much?

I love seeing the happy faces of couples and receiving wonderful feedback. I also love the beautiful photography that comes from every wedding. It’s a lot of fun, and I enjoy the personalities of my clients and their desire to work together.

In a few sentences, how would you describe your personality?

“I am very dedicated, passionate, and open to new ideas. I’m always trying to be on the cutting edge, learn new things, and be the “yes” person. I am a visual person and can see the wedding unfolding in my mind from beginning to end. “I’m a self-described foodie who loves a good chardonnay and some oysters every day.”


Why did you get into the wedding industry?

“A very infamous woman who taught the way. I have taken this passion to the next level and am now fully committed to my role. “I am proud of the club and every event that I produce or organize.”


I have my favorites! Some people are so beautiful, and I love to make their dreams come true. This question made me remember some of my favorites. It brings back happy memories! After her wedding, one bride sent me an amazing email. I thanked her for it and told her this reminded me of why I did this as a job.”

What inspires you most in your work?

My clients’ passions and their ideas inspire me. Other vendors, industry professionals, and event coordinators. “I love scrolling through the local Instagram pages to see all of the beautiful venues and vendors Perth offers.”

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