Food & Wine Pairing — Game Day Morning Fuel — Avocado Toast, and Wine Spritzers

Superbowl Sunday is my favourite day, and football is my favourite sport. I don’t know if it’s the game or the delicious food. I love game-day food, even if I’m not a football fan. My Sunday morning start is always with what I refer to as my morning fuel. Wine spritzers and avocado toast are light and refreshing options to kick off your big day.

Although it is important to prepare game-day food as a host, it doesn’t need to be difficult. A good breakfast will give you the energy to get through the day. Simple but satisfying food is what I prefer.

Avocado toast is easy to make, and you have many topping options.

Avocado toast is a staple in my house. The toast is a favourite of my family. This toast is special. The avocado’s creaminess and crunch are what I love about it. And the salmon’s flavour is just amazing. Exceptional! Exceptional! It is possible that it was first seen on a menu in 1993, when Bill Granger, a Sydney chef, started to serve it at his cafe.

To complete the meal, you will need a cocktail. Light fruity cocktails are great for breakfast and brunch. There are many options, but wine spritzers and sangrias are the most popular. These drinks complement fruit and vegetables, and some even have savoury components. Bloody marys with olives and celery, pickles, and bacon are always awe-inspiring to me. Although I enjoy creativity, I prefer my wine spritzer.

A wine spritzer is mixed with a carbonated mixer and a fruit of your choice.

White wine spritzers are very popular in warmer months. They’re a great way to cool off on hot days. While I don’t drink white wine in the summer, red wine in winter, or red wine spritzers during the colder months, I enjoy red wine spritzers. These wines offer the best of both worlds: rich, bold flavours and a hint of fruity fizz. I’m a big fan of spritzers, and avocado toast with wine spritzers is always a delicious meal.

Avocado Toast and Wine Spritzers

This toast was made by slicing some fresh avocados and a hardboiled egg. It was then placed on top of crispy buttered toast and finished off with a piece of smoky salmon. You can find out more about my amazing boozy wine-spritzer on my Instagram account.

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