How to cater for unexpected guests at your NYE 2023 party

Puff pastry

It’s easy to bake and defrost frozen puff pastry. Add sliced fruit to the sheets and dust with icing sugar. You can also use leftovers for tart or tear-off pieces and sprinkle them with cheese.

Pancakes for a Save-the-Day

Make quick pancakes with self-raising flour and milk. Add egg, chives, or whatever else is in your fridge. Consider pikelets made with leftover ham or turkey with chives and a little cranberry. You can also follow the Korean trend and add some chopped kimchi or green onions to the batter. You can welcome breakfast guests with pancakes that are topped with fruits and drizzled with leftover custard.

2-minute star popcorn

Popcorn for all occasions! With a little oil, your imagination, and some popping corn. It will keep in your pantry for a while if you buy it unpopped. Salted caramel popcorn is perfect for kids or to serve with coffee. Add a teaspoon of caramel sauce and a pinch of salt. Serve melted butter with wasabi paste as a spicy snack with welcome drinks. Wrap popcorn in GLAD baking paper to prevent kids from fighting over the bowl.

Speedy dip

Dips can be made from beans, chickpeas, or other canned beans. Add some acid (eg. Lemon juice, a little cream (e.g., Greek yogurt, a little oil, and some fresh. mint). No fresh herbs? You can also use a half-empty jar of pesto. Add some garlic, anchovies, or toasted spices. After you have made your choice, put all ingredients into the food processor. Then, voila!


Everyone loves pasta

Pasta is something that everyone has in their kitchen. Process day-old bread into breadcrumbs and fry in extra virgin olive oil to make them crunchy and golden. Garlic, dried herbs, or chili can be added to the mixture. You can also add olives, anchovies, olive oil, and dried herbs. Present your dish as an original recipe and not just a quick pantry fix.

Jazz up your cheese toastie,

Make cheese toasties with your leftover ham. Add your favorite pantry ingredients to make it even more special: pesto, artichoke heart slices, strong cheeses, caramelized onions, etc.

Dessert in a glass

You can reuse leftovers if you store them with GLAD Cling wrap. The leftover pavlova can be transformed into an elegant Eton Mess. Genius!

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