Ice bags recalled over fears of glass and metal contamination

The bag that is a staple of summer parties has been recalled due to concerns about the presence of metal and glass shards.

On Wednesday, a five-kilo North Aussie Jumbo Ice bag was recalled by petrol stations and independent retailers in multiple northern West Australian towns.

Glass and metal fragments were found in the bags. This is a cause for concern, as both glass and ice are transparent and would be difficult for a consumer to detect.

The product could be purchased in South Headland and Port Headland as well as Wedgefield, Karratha Nickol Bulgarra, Broome, and Karratha.

A statement on the Food Standards site stated that “food products containing metal and glass may cause illness or injuries if consumed.”

The product is returned to the store for a refund.

Consumers who are concerned about their health can seek medical advice.

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