Macca’s healthy menu options nutritionist would always buy

McDonald’s, whether you love it or dislike it, is one of the few places where you can get hot, fresh, and affordable meals.

Macca’s is a fast food takeaway that, like other fast foods, adds salt, sugar, refined carbohydrates, and a lot more fat to your diet. Some choices are worse than others.

If you’re on an unexpected Macca’s run, here are some options to consider that are healthier and those you should avoid.

Better Macca’s Choices:

Chicken McBites

These are some of the best menu items. They contain less than 200 calories and 11g fat per 10 bites. However, you’ll need to pair them with a healthy salad to complete your meal.

Wholemeal Grilled Chicken Snack wrap

McDonald’s offers some of the most lean options on its menu if you choose the grilled version and select the wholemeal option. You can further lighten the meal by asking for no mayo. Each serving contains only 200 calories and 9g of fat.


McChicken, with its 450 calories, 42g of fat, and 600mg sodium, is a great option if you’re craving a burger. It has about half the amount of calories and fat as many other burgers on Macca’s menu.

The Worst:

BBQ Bacon Angus

There are better burgers on the menu, such as a Bacon Angus, which has more than 40g fat, 800 calories, and a huge 1600mg sodium. This is nearly your entire daily upper intake, and this is without a side order of french fries.

Double Quarter Pounder

This simple burger, with minimal salad, cheese, and meat, will cost you more than 800 calories. It also contains more fat than many people require in a day and sodium of more than 1400mg.

Crispy Caesar Salad

The name’ salad,’ however, is misleading. A closer look at its nutritional data will reveal that it contains a whopping 40g of fat and 1500mg of sodium. This means that the salad is no healthier than a hamburger.

Big Brekkie Burger

This loaded breakfast burger adds 40g of fat and more than 1500mg of sodium to your morning meal.

Frozen Coke

Popular. While you can choose the zero sugar version, you’ll be drinking ten teaspoons of sugar if you go with regular.

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