Make-ahead breakfast ideas to save you time in the morning

Getting a healthy breakfast is often pushed to the back of your mind when mornings are busy.

Before you grab a breakfast roll on your way to work or decide to skip breakfast entirely (cue the hunger pangs by 11 am), check out these genius breakfast recipes that you can prepare the night before.

Healthy overnight oatmeal

A healthy breakfast is a great way to achieve your health goals if you are on a low-calorie diet. Oats are great for breakfast because they make you feel satisfied longer and are packed with nutrients such as zinc and vitamin B1.

Weet-Bix overnight Caramilk

The addition of protein powder to yogurt will create a cheesecake-like texture. You don’t have to add any more sugar because the milk and yogurt already contain adouble-dosee caramel.

Frozen smoothie packs

These smoothie packs are perfect for a healthy on-the-go breakfast or snack. You can choose from three different flavors: Berry Blisss (a tropical treat), Green Meaniee, and Berries Blisss.

Overnight oats with chai spice

This healthier overnight oats bowl, soaked in chai mil,k is the best way to start your morning.

Overnight Carrot and Apple Bircher

This healthy Bircher Muesli is a great breakfast to prepare the night before.

Healthy banana and zucchini muffins

We’ve made muffins low-cal. They are packed with fiber and bananas to make them a healthier treat.

Bircher muesli in raspberry sauce

This muesli is a great way to start your day. It’s nutritious, filling, and perfect for active people.

Overnight slaw toasted almonds

Perfect for your next meal. Dress the cabbage a day in advance to let it wilt, and then add radicchio the next day for crunch.

Overnight Oats with Strawberry and PassionfruitTheses These healthy overnight oats are quick and easy to make and will give energy for the morning.

Keto zucchini slice

This easy dinner recipe uses a low-carb version of everyone’s favorite zucchini slice.

Recipe for overnight oats

This recipe for healthy overnight oats with apple, banana, chia,  and coconut is a great way to prepare a wholesome breakfast. Mix overnight and enjoy a healthy breakfast the next morning.

Chocolate raspberry chia puddings

This chocolate and raspberry chia sundae is delicious. This healthier dessert is made with almond milk, dates, coconut water,r, and mixed spice.

Weet-Bix breakfast bliss balls

Have you got little time to spare in the mornings? Breakfast is not complete without one of these Weet Bix bliss balls.

Bircher Muesli with figs & raspberries

Enjoy a homemade Bircher Muesli with raspberries and fresh figs.

5 Ingredient Banana and Peanut Butter Muffins

These banana muffins, which are ready in just 30 minutes and contain no flour, make for a tasty afternoon tea treat.

Sugar-free banana bread

Sweeten the banana bread with the natural sweetness from ripe bananas. This is perfect for people who avoid refined sugar.

Healthier zucchini and feta muffins

The muffins still taste great, but they are healthier. Please put them in your lunchbox for a tasty snack or a light lunch.

Mango and Coconut Balls

Try these mango and coconut balls, which are free of refined sugar.

Berry brekkie pops

These healthy and convenient pops are perfect for on-the-go snacking.

Healthy breakfast muffins

These healthier muffins are glazed with sweet jam and are a great way to start the day.

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