Marriages and Weddings in Australia [Infographic]

The latest ABS marriage data (ABS Cat 3310.0) shows that more weddings are taking place today than there were a decade earlier. Wedding venues in Australia can expect to be busy over the next few months, as the “in-between” seasons (Autumn or Spring) are the most popular.

Are marriages in decline?

Recent figures indicate that the number of marriages in Australia is on the decline. The average wedding in Australia each year has decreased by 4,282 from 2011.

The average number of marriages per day in Australia is 326. New South Wales and Queensland are the two states with the highest numbers.

Bride and Groom Getting Older

First-time brides and grooms are becoming older. The average age for first-time brides has risen to over 28 years, while the average age for first-time grooms is around 30. In 1993, there were half as many grooms between 20 and 24 years old as in 2013. While brides were most common in the 20-24 age group in 1990, they now rank third behind those aged 25-30 and 30-34. In 2013, 77 Australians married for the very first time at the age of over 75.

The cohabitation rate is still high but is declining

Since records began on this topic more than ten years ago, the number of Australians who lived together before marriage has risen each year. This figure reached a peak in 2010 at 79% but has since dropped to 77%. Despite the decrease, it still means that almost 4/5 of Australian couples are living together before they marry.

Marriages of Cultural Diversity

The majority of married couples (55%) are born in Australia.

The best time to marry is in the autumn and spring

The most popular months for marriages in Australia are November (spring) or March (autumn), with each month hosting 12%. The month of October, with 11%, is followed by April (10) as well.

In Australia, the months of June and July are the least likely to be married. They each account for 5% of Australia’s annual marriages.

Most popular Saturday weddings

The most popular day for weddings is Saturday when 56% of marriages occur. Sundays are also popular, with 15% of all weddings occurring on Sundays, up from 13% back in 2011.

Couples may have to be creative when it comes to choosing a date for their wedding due to time and financial constraints. In 2013, 59 couples got married on New Year’s Day.

Mark McCrindle, a social researcher, said that Australia has seen a shift away from having weddings in the summer months. This is due to increased competition for venues, higher prices, and more flexibility when it comes to taking leave outside of these months. These factors influence couples’ choice of date. As in the travel industry, shoulder seasons are becoming more popular for weddings.

Nearly 3 out of 4 weddings (73%) are performed by a civil celebrant. The remaining 27%, however, are religious.

The trend towards civil weddings also drives the season. The trend towards civil weddings is also going the season. The trend has been to have more diverse locations for weddings, with many having an outdoor aesthetic. “The climate is more important for these ceremonies than it was for church weddings,” said Mark McCrindle, a Social Researcher.

First marriages, divorce and remarriage

72% of marriages are the first marriages. The remaining 28% are remarriages.

Divorces are down to 48,000 divorces per year. The median age for females divorcing is 42.9, and 47.0 years old for males.

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