Red flags warning you’re in for a disappointing dining experience

Any Instagram props

There is a huge difference between Instaworthy and Instamade restaurants. The first could be an amazing space with classic or interesting features. This is a recipe for disaster. Run if a restaurant puts more effort into getting onto the grid than what’s on the plate.

The menu is as big as your arm.

You’d better be prepared when a menu covers a wide range of cuisines. The produce will be stale (because they can’t possibly serve that many dishes). Or the food will be poor. Don’t try to do everything poorly. Do only one or two things.

Tables left uncleared

Stressed staff will leave plates, glassware, and napkins on empty tables. Stressed staff will make mistakes, serve cold plates, and take forever to get drinks orders.

You can hear music on the street.

You’re not likely to have a good meal if you feel as if you’ve entered a nightclub. It’s fine to dine in a noisy place with neon lights. Don’t get upset if your waiter doesn’t understand your order or if you need to shout in order to communicate with your friends.

A gross bathroom

This is a big red flag if you are afraid to touch the surfaces in a restaurant’s bathroom. Imagine the kitchen if the room that you can clearly see has not been cleaned for a long time.

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