Safety Shot claims to cut blood alcohol levels within 30 minutes

Safety Shot, a new “functional drink” that promises to reduce blood alcohol levels and improve brain functions within 30 minutes.

The drink is set to be launched on the West Coast of the US by December. It contains a mixture of vitamins, minerals, and “nootropics”, which the company claims will clear intoxication, and prevent alcohol poisoning.

According to the website “Safety Shot” has four mechanisms of action that “target” your central nervous systems.

“Attacking everything that alcohol impairs plus a fifth ‘feel-good’ component, which no other drink claims.”

It claims that it can help a person to become sober, reduce the effects alcohol has on the body, improve their mental and physical wellbeing, and maintain hydration.

Moreover, deaths caused by alcohol increased between 2021-2022. This is the fourth consecutive increase in deaths, with the highest rate reported for a decade.

The rate of death increased by 9.1 percent, from 5.4 to 6.0 deaths per 100,000. This equates to 164 additional deaths.

Men (8.7 deaths for every 100,000 people) are twice as likely to die of alcohol than women (3.44 deaths per 100,000). In 2022, the alcohol-related death rate per 100,000 was the highest in the past 10 years.

In 2022, alcohol-induced mental and behavioral disorders were the leading cause of alcohol-related deaths.

Alcohol is three times more likely to kill Australians who are less socio-economically privileged than those with the greatest advantage.

Tasmania, Queensland, and New South Wales had higher alcohol-related death rates when broken down by state.

Safety Shot claims that its patented formula speeds up the body’s metabolism of alcohol while protecting the stomach lining against further absorption.

Safety Shot’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Glynn WILSON, stated that the results of a voluntary study showed that Safety Shot reduced blood alcohol levels at a “much faster rate” than people who didn’t drink Safety Shot.

We have begun a double-blind, placebo-controlled study to gather data on the clinical benefits Safety Shot has for both people who drink alcohol and those who don’t. Its nootropic formula was designed to improve clarity of thought for everyone who drinks it.

The company announced on September 18 that it would distribute a concentrated form to hospitals and paramedics in order to prevent alcohol poisoning. This application will be submitted to the FDA for approval.

The company must also submit a request to the Therapeutic Goods Administration, the Australian regulatory body that regulates medicines and medical devices.

TGA stresses that all therapeutic products must be registered in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods before they are imported, supplied, or exported, unless otherwise exempt.

A TGA spokesperson said that Australia has a risk-based, two-tiered system for regulating medicines.
The ingredients and therapeutic indications they use (health benefits claimed) determine whether a medicine is ‘listed’ or’registered.’

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), the estimated Social Cost of Alcohol Use in Australia in 2017-2018 was $66.8 Billion.

Safety Shot, owned by Jupiter Wellness is a health-and-wellness company. Jupiter Wellness acquired the product from GBB Drink Lab Inc. in September and renamed it Safety Shot Inc.

The company’s CEO Brian John expressed excitement about dominating e-commerce, retail and the “rapid Alcohol Detox” market.

By 2030, the global industry for hangover cures is expected to reach $US6 billion.

Hector Lombard, a mixed martial artist and Mike Pouncey, a former NFL player, have both endorsed the drink.

Lombard said, “I experienced its effects directly.” She signed on to be a brand ambassador.

Safety Shot is a great option for me when I have a drink.

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