Teevee Snacks Krispy Kreme

Arnott’s has teamed up with Krispy Kreme to ruin your diet and give you joy. The brand new TeeVee doughnut line of snacks is now available. A classic Krispy Kreme product inspires every flavor. You can feel it in your gut.

They are beginning May 12, which is TODAY! These bad boys can be purchased at your local grocery store starting May 12.

This news thrilled me immensely as a diehard fan of the Kookies & Kreme doughnut. I could taste each of the precious bikkies, and it will be dangerous to have them next to me.

“TeeVee snacks have a long history in Australia, and we are thrilled to work with Krispy Kreme to bring a new spin to this classic treat,” Arnott’s Brand Manager Krishna Sood said in a press release.

“This new range of “dough-biscuits,” inspired by Australia’s most loved doughnuts, is the collaboration that TeeVee snack fans have been waiting to see!”

They are delicious, even though I wonder if they’ll be called dough suits. Here are the flavors available.

Caramel Delight

This is the best bike we have ever had. It’s a delicious caramel treat that tastes just like a teeVee candy. I can enjoy this, even though I wouldn’t say I like caramel-coated Krispy Kreme.

Imagine a salty-sweet caramel TeeVee snack. You’ll be able to picture this flavor in your mind.

It’s addictive, and the only problem is its simplicity. 5/5 dough-biscuits.

Kookies & Kreme

My son, whom I will protect with all my heart. Surprisingly, he could be better among the batch, but he still excels.

It should also be noted that this snack has the lowest 0.5-star rating in the collection. This is because it is a lousy snack, and they will not apologize.

It gets 3.5/5 Bisc-Nuts.

Strawberry Sprinkle

These pink and pretty snacks taste just like pink.

Perhaps you were a Nesquik pink person in your youth. While I don’t judge, I will tell you that these will be frightening.

This one is going to get 4/5 bikkie dough.

Choc Iced

Yes, I did say the caramel ones kicked my ass, but these are just as good.

The choc iced doughnut bikkies taste like the original TeeVee snacks but with a Krispy Kreme twist.

This one deserves a 5/5 TeeVee-Kremes.

Original Glazed

This bike is made from the original flavor of Original Glazed doughnuts.

It is the perfect combination of both worlds. I must pay my respects to the altar of snacks.

This one is a 4/5 glaze-nuts.

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