Turn a wheel of brie cheese into five amazing dishes

Because it turns out that’s exactly what we’re all lusting after. Yes, brie searches are up a whopping 4918% since this time last year. Wowee. Those numbers speak volumes.

So we’ve heard the call, and we must answer it. Here are five brie recipes that are next level.

Whipped brie dip

Swap the knife for a spoon because our newest take on the wheel of brie means the scoopful can eat it. After going viral on TikTok (we’re talking nearly 1.5 million views), our whipped brie dip is about to change the cheeseboard game, and for very good reason.

Featuring a sweet, salty, and creamy flavor profile, we combined honey, bacon pieces, and thyme to create the perfect balance of all things delicious and complement the cheesy base. And thanks to all the aeration due to the ‘whipping,’ you end up with almost double the amount of brie you started with! Now that’s a win.


Quick chicken, brie, and cranberry canapes

Who doesn’t love a bite, a canape, a morsel of savory goodness? And this finger food recipe ticks all of the boxes. Packed with protein and made with only six ingredients, this is our go-to for when we’re hosting the most. Cut the pastry sheet into even squares, line a mini muffin pan, and once set and baked, spoon in smoked chicken, creamy brie, and dollops of cranberry sauce. At the end, scatter fragrant thyme over the cheesy mixture. There’s no turning back.

Brie and bacon domino potato bake

There’s potato bake, and then there’s potato bake. This recipe is the latter. It’s the one that you can’t get enough of. Indulgent and creamy, with crispy edges and bites of salty bacon, you won’t be able to stop at one serving. Finely slice the potatoes, assemble in a wreath-like formation within a roasting pot (leaving space in the middle for your almighty brie), pour a buttery thickened cream mixture over the top, sprinkle with thyme, bake, add your brie later to get oozy in the oven and, on the side, cook up some studs of maple syrup bacon – which you’ll eat altogether for a giant party in your mouth.

Baked brie and cranberry in a cob

It’s the season for cheese platters – well, to be frank, every season is cheese season – and we’ve found the perfect new cob to reinvent your repertoire. Meet the baked brie and cranberry cob. As the label suggests, this hollowed-out loaf features cranberry sauce that’s slathered over the base and around the sides, brie that fills the space, inhabiting every spare spot within the loaf, and then a delicate sprinkling of thyme on top. Bake for 35 minutes until golden and bubbling. Feeling a bit fancy? Try sprinkling your cob with almonds and honey.

Brie and cranberry crinkle pie

There are few things as beautiful in life as a pie. Golden flakey pastry conceals a beautiful, oozy interior. Crinkle pies are next level when it comes to beauty. The use of buttery filo pastry means the pie’s texture is, well, wavy. And we’ve found a way to wedge in gloriously oozy brie in between each of the scrunched-up filo sheets and dollop sweet cranberry sauce throughout. Each mouthful bursts with sweet, savory, and crunchy. Note: if you want a firmer base, bake the filo for 10 minutes before adding the brie.

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