UK department store Harrods sells $53 Wagyu beef sandwich with truffles

Harrods, a luxury British department store, is selling a sandwich made with premium ingredients for $53, sending social media into a tailspin.

Harrods is arguably London’s most famous department store. It has a brick-and-mortar shop in Knightsbridge, where thousands of people visit each day. Like any high-end store, prices can be quite steep for everyday people.

The luxury steak sandwich that has caused controversy is priced at PS28, which translates to $53.67.

According to Triangle News, the gourmet sambo includes Wagyu Beef, which the UK typically imports from Japan, and from Jso, which contains braised onions and gold mustard mayonnaise.

This expensive lunch also includes truffles. A single gram of truffles costs between $2.50 and $3.

Social media users shared their opinions on the price of the sandwich via X (formerly known as Twitter).

A social media user commented, “Well, if you can afford to go shopping at Harrods then I suppose that you can afford a PS28 Sandwich.”

One person said: “PS28 is outrageous for a sandwich.” I can guarantee that you can make more sandwiches with better ingredients and better bread for less than PS28. You absolute thieves.”

“I cannot believe you bought that sandwich for PS28!” Hahaha. It was disgusting and shocking. That would not happen at John Lewis. You wouldn’t be paying PS28.

One person commented: “Haha – just popping into Harrods for a PS28 Sandwich.” Hope I get a Harrods bag.”

One person said: “Just watched someone on TikTok review and buy a sandwich at Harrods for PS28. TWENTY. EIGHT. BRITISH. POUNDS.” contacted Harrods to get a comment on the price of their steak sandwiches.

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