Watch: Pastry Chef Builds A Huge Chocolate Train; Internet Names Him ‘Willy Wonka In Real Life’

This video shows a vintage train made out of chocolate. If you are a fan of trains like ‘Sheldon Cooper,’ from the OTT series ‘Big Bang Theory,’ you will love this video. Amaury Guchon is the French-Swiss Chef behind this amazing edible artwork. He is well-known on Instagram for his life-size animals, things, and other chocolate creations. His work is distinguished by the accuracy and clarity of his food-art. Every inch and angle are perfected. The chef captures the highlights of the entire process so that you can watch the whole thing unfold right in front of you. In his latest video the chef creates a beautiful train out of chocolate. He captures all the small and big details.

Chefs begin by constructing the large rectangular parts of the engine. Next, they build the large cylindrical components. The chef then closes the front and builds the wheels. The final details, such as a tiny ladder for boarding the train, are then added. After completing the piece, he paints it in edible food colors — black, gold, and red. The piece is finished with a beautiful gold bell, which also produces smoke, like an old-fashioned train. Here’s the complete reel:

The video has been viewed almost 10 million times and received more than 662K “likes”. Gordon Ramsay, a British celebrity chef, also liked this piece of chocolate art. Instagram users’ reactions are shown below.

It looks like the Hogwarts express. “Willy Wonka is real.”
If I hadn’t seen it being made, you would have had to work hard to convince me this was a dessert.

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