What To Wear To A Bridal Shower

The most important thing for a bride is finding the perfect dress. The fun part begins once that’s over. Now you can focus on the bridal shower look. Whether hosting a champagne brunch or keeping it casual at a backyard party, your bridal shower outfit should be comfortable and look great in photos.

Finding the right look for a bridal shower can sometimes take time. This event is often planned by the maid-of-hon, close friends, or bridesmaids. So you might need to figure out what to expect. Many brides are unsure if they should wear white and don’t know the style guidelines for this event. We spoke with expert stylists about what is required for this event.

Continue reading to find out what a bride should wear to a Bridal Shower. There are also answers to any other questions about the dress code for this event.

How to choose what to wear

When searching for the perfect bridal shower look, there are some things you should keep in mind. Erika Cartledge of Your chic Is Showing says that while she is firmly on the team, “wear whatever you like, it’s your day,” there are some things that might help to guide that decision.

Consider the weather conditions first. You’ll need to choose clothing that suits the season and temperature. A sundress won’t work for a winter shower, and a chic pantsuit will not be suitable. “A spring bride shower will be held at 2:00 pm at a country club. The bride might feel more comfortable in a summer dress while a 10:00 am brunch at a private residence during fall would require something cozier,” Lesley Brickman, owner of The 1 Gown.

Other considerations include the dress code and overall theme for the shower. You will need a dress different from a casual venue for a bridal shower at a country club or restaurant. The bride must follow the dress code if it has been established. It is essential to consider the theme when choosing your attire. Brickman states, “I like to discuss the theme colors with my bridal clients to incorporate any details.”

After you have narrowed down your choices, you can now choose the style and color of the outfit that you are most comfortable in. You want to feel confident and look your best. Cartledge suggests that brides think about what they feel most comfortable in and not try to make up a persona at the bridal shower.

Choose a Color

Although white is the most popular color for brides, Brickman and Cartledge agree that there are no rules about what color to wear. Cartledge states that many brides choose a color that is flattering to their wedding or makes them feel confident. Others choose pretty patterns. Your bridal shower dress should reflect your personality and be fun. You can wear white, but selecting a different color is OK.

Brickman notes, however, that it is nice to have a “bridal moment” whenever possible and have the [person] in honor wear white, even if it’s an accessory or print with white bases.”

How to choose a style of outfit

There is no one style that you should be following. Cartledge advises brides to keep to their style. She notes that she has worn everything from white pants and suits to white mini-dresses for her clients. Brickman says that it all depends on where you live. Clients in the South tend to wear more formal outfits, while those in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles prefer more casual styles.

While dresses are a common choice, they are not the only option. Cartledge suggests jumpsuits that are flattering and comfortable. They’re also versatile. Jumpsuits come in many styles and colors so you can dress them up for your special occasion. She suggests rhinestones, sequins, and lace. Brickman also offers matching sets such as a top, skirt, shorts, or pants.

How to make your bridal shower outfit special

Once you have mastered the basics, it is time to make your bridal shower outfit stand out. These are some ways to personalize your bridal shower outfit and make it extra special.

  • Your new last name should be incorporated into the outfit. Brickman says that if the bride plans to change her last words, the bridal shower might be a great place to test out her new monogram on accessories such as a clutch and jewelry.
  • Wear heirloom jewelry. Cartledge states that a bridal shower is an opportunity to wear heirloom jewelry. This is a great way to remember a loved one you have lost.
  • You can play around with a veil. Brickman suggests using a cover to take insta-worthy photos of your friends at the shower.
  • Add bridal touches and accessories to your outfit. Cartledge recommends using pearls and rhinestones on your belt or bag to make it fun but manageable.

Bridal Shower Outfit Ideas

Are you ready to start your search and shop? Cartledge and Brickman offer some outfit suggestions that you can use to help you find the perfect outfit.

  • A cocktail dress with heels. It’s a classic look that can be dressed up or down, depending on how you style it. Cartledge says that wrap dresses and A-line silhouettes are versatile. You can add interest to them with an off-the-shoulder detail or sleeveless option.
  • A jumpsuit or pantsuit. These are chic options that work well for many types of celebrations. Cartledge states that they are “unexpected in the best way.”
  • Luxe fabrics. Cartledge suggests that a satin slipdress with statement earrings and a faux fur jacket would be a good choice for a glamorous bride.
  • A sundress. You can keep it casual with sandals and flats if the shower is more relaxed.
  • A blazer dress. Cartledge loves this trendy option. She says that there are many options for lengths and colors. Some even have unique details, such as bold buttons or cutouts. “Another unexpectedly chic option.”


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