Beyond Biryani: 7 Popular Hyderabadi Delicacies You Must Try!

When we say Hyderabad, what is the first thought that comes to mind? Biryani is a sure bet. Hyderabadi and Biryani have become synonymous with the city, bringing it to the forefront of global gastronomy. Hyderabadi biryani is a dish that will make you fall in love with its soft and juicy meat pieces combined with spicy, aromatic rice. If you thought this was all there is to Hyderabad, you’re mistaken. It has a long history of immigration and settlement by different ethnic groups. You will be able to find a variety of food, all with a local twist. We will show you some of the best foods to try in Hyderabad. This list includes more than just biryanis and kebabs.

There are seven other Hyderabadi foods that you must try besides Biryani.

1. Irani chai

You will see tea shops and cafes selling the aromatic Irani Chai as soon as you enter the city. This milky, creamy tea is infused with spices and sugar, including cardamom. It’s a great way to kick off your tour in a sweet, energetic manner. Irani chai has a heavier taste than normal chai, and if you drink too much of it, this can cause indigestion.

2. Osmania biscuits, local baked goods and other items

Osmania biscuits are a must-have for any cup of Irani Chai. Some of the best and oldest bakeries in the nation have been selling cookies and other baked goods for years. It would be best if you tried the Osmania biscuits as well as cream rolls and buns.

3. Haleem:

Hyderabad’s foodies always tell you that once you try Haleem, you will want to return. It is available mainly during Ramadan. The stew contains meat, dal, and dry fruits, as well as saffron. Haleem served with fried onion and lemon juice, is a healthy meal that can be eaten at any time. You will find that most restaurants in Hyderabad make and sell it during Ramadan.

4. Paaya:

Paaya, a spicy lamb stew, is made from trotters. The soup is thick, gelatinous, and loaded with masalas. It is served hot with naan or sheermal. This is a very popular Hyderabadi breakfast dish that’s usually prepared in the early morning. It is best to eat it fresh and hot to get the most out of the flavors.

5. Lukhmi:

lukhmi, or the Hyderabadi version is a samosa. Lukhmi, which means morsel in Urdu, is why they are fried in perfect bite-sized pieces. The triangular shape is usually stuffed with aloo or keema. Lukhmi can be eaten hot with pudina chutney.

6. Broasted chicken

You’ve already tried roasted chicken, grilled chicken, and fried poultry. Have you ever tried broasted chicken? Broasting combines shallow frying with pressure frying in order to create juicy pieces of fried poultry that have a crispy exterior layer. It is similar to KFC fried chicken, and it’s usually served with French fries and garlic mayonnaise.

7. Shawarma:

You will find the best Middle Eastern food in the city. You will find everything in Hyderabad, from Mandi and baklava to many other dishes. The Lebanese snack, shawarma, is the most popular. There are multiple shawarma joints around the city that sell grilled, roasted, and fried chicken wrapped in roomali-style bread. These are delicious.

Try these dishes when you next visit Hyderabad and experience the rich food culture.

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