Cottage cheese adds healthy twist to cheescake

Even if you love cheesecake, you may find it difficult to justify eating another creamy mini treat. Now we know the answer.

Cottage Cheese: It’s A Thing (Again)

It’s true; cream cheese has been a huge hit in the 1990s and is making a comeback. The trend began when a TikTok user posted videos showing her dipping various raw vegetables into a mixture of cottage cheese, mustard, and ketchup. At the same time, on a diet (most have become viral).

People began to get more creative and started baking cottage cheese into desserts, muffins, and slices. We challenged Chrissy Freer, our Nutrition Editor, to make cheesecake with cottage cheese instead.

The Best Protein-Packed Dessert

Chrissy’s cheesecakes are made with cottage cheese, high-protein yogurt and reduced fat. This combination also helps to bulk up the protein content.

These are crustless (no more butter or bikkies! We also use maple syrup in place of refined sugar. Some might even call them angelic. These little desserts are delicious.

Does cottage cheese work in cheesecakes?

These cheesecakes make up for the lack of cream cheese with a velvety soft texture. These mini cheesecakes, which are creamy and delicious but also zesty and sweet, have become our number one. They are so good.

What’s the best part? The cooking time is only 20 minutes. Simple! Quick! Easy! Be patient, though. You’ll have to account for the cooling time (1hr) and the chilling time (2hr) in your fridge. The patient will reap the benefits.

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