Drawing You In

Weddings are intimate and personal affairs where your closest friends and family members come together to celebrate your relationship with your partner. Caricature art is a unique way to remember your wedding. While you might have thought of taking home photos and videos of the people who attended, you may not be aware of another option. Robin Harper of Western Australia Wedding & Bride sits down to talk with Marion Vanhaecke from Marion Le Crayon about her exciting and unique profession.

Le Crayon has always been drawn to pencils since she was young. She began drawing as a child, but her passion for art grew when she was at a French twilight marketplace twelve years ago. In the vibrant and charming atmosphere of the market, she learned the art of caricature and the joy it can bring. Le Crayon, driven by her desire to make others happy and to be an artist, enrolled in a 4-year Art and Animation Program at Ecole Pivaut, France. She honed and perfected her skills and developed the techniques to create the beautiful works she produces today. She lives in Western Australia and continues to live out her passion for sketching caricatures at weddings, events, and other special occasions. Le Crayon is the perfect artist for you if you are looking for someone who has not only the skills but also the passion and commitment to spread joy through caricature.

The Candid Caricature

A caricature artist can add an extra layer of fun to a wedding. A caricature artist will captivate guests and make your wedding memorable. Le Crayon adds that it’s a unique combination of art and humor, which results in personalized keepsakes that will be treasured for years.

She is from France, a country rich in culture and scenery, and brings to the party not only her talent but also her charming accent, which gives her a touch of Parisian bohemia. She says that guests often ask about her background and start conversations about their travels. “It takes us on a short European journey in the time it takes to draw a caricature,” she says.

Caricature may be viewed with suspicion. After all, caricatures are known to highlight the parts of us that we don’t like. Le Crayon is reassuring: “People are often nervous about their appearance in the drawing. When the big reveal occurs, they are in for a pleasant shock. The caricature they receive is not only funny, but it also highlights the unique charm and beauty of each person. It’s not just about the flaws, but also about the unique features and essence of each individual,” she says. “It is a great privilege to see and capture that uniqueness in paper.”

What To Consider

Marion Le Crayon’s services are very clear if you want to hire a caricature at your wedding but don’t know how much it will cost. “My rates are $195 an hour.” She says that the hourly rate is $190 for a booking of three hours and $185 for more than four. Couples can also take advantage of exclusive packages where they get a free pre-wedding cartoon for bookings over three hours. She will need a few recent photos of you and your fiancé two weeks before the event. She recommends that you include images where your features are clearly visible.

She says that the free artwork is an A3 pencil sketch in black and white for two people. Additional fees will apply if you want to add color, more people, background, or props. Le Crayon will add your name and date to each drawing, depending on your preference.

A Versatile Art

Le Crayon takes about five minutes to sketch her drawings in pencil, then goes back and adds more details with black markers. She says that this adds a striking contrast to the pieces. It’s almost like magic to watch her transform a sketch that appears to be nothing into a completed work within minutes.

Le Crayon prefers to use A3 paper for live drawings. This is equivalent to two A4 sheets placed side-by-side. There is some flexibility with regard to size and scale. She says that she has “live-drawn” on different paper sizes in the past. “I have done this on A4 and even A5,” she recalls. “I had the opportunity to draw caricatures for wine bottle labels at an expo. I would draw directly on the brands and then adhere them to the bottles.

Le Crayon’s gift is a wonderful combination of versatility and adaptability. She is happy to customize everything for your special occasion and will do so wherever possible. She says, “I am very flexible and I love the fact that art can make anything possible.” If you want to have unique and fun wedding entertainment, contact Marion Le Crayon. This could be the best choice you’ve ever made!

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