Food & Wine Pairings: Heating up & Chilling down — This simple pairing is a no-brainer.

Heating up and chilling down: This simple pairing is easy to understand.

Let’s face facts, everyone in the wine industry knows that fried chicken with a bottle bubbly is one of the most popular wine-food pairings.

Let’s begin with buffalo chicken wings because it’s my favourite chicken. The invention of buffalo wings was in 1964. However, the story behind how they were created is still disputed (between the inventor’s husband and son) and who invented them. It is believed that Teressa Bellissimo, an Anchor bar employee, was the original inventor.

The fried wings are the next best thing.

While wings will always be my favourite, I won’t turn down a crispy fried chicken. The same goes for sparkling wine or Champagne. Amazingly, I can have both of them at once.

It’s a Cliche.

This is a common refrain that I hear about wine and fried chicken. It’s not surprising, but it’s addictive. Overuse can lead to overuse in this instance. There are many ways to pair sparkling wine with delicious chicken dishes. They don’t excite the palate like a great bottle of bubbly or crispy fried chicken.

The Ying and Yang.

Heating up and chilling down — This simple pairing is a no-brainer. Let’s get to the facts about a crisp bird and sparkling wine. It’s a great relationship! It’s a great relationship! The subtleties of the fatty, crispy skin and the wine’s bracing acidic cleansing components tell you they are opposites. But they are still a team. The wine’s bready brioche flavour perfectly matches the crispy coating of the chicken’s breading. They work in perfect harmony to create something wonderful.

We are heading back to Buffalo.

While the combination of bubbly and crispy chicken is most well-known, you can also pair buffalo-style wings with bubbles. With spicy wings, dry sparklers go well with them. We return to oil and acid for this combination explantation. The buttery, spicy and acidic sauce showcases the wine’s palate-cleansing abilities. It also provides a refreshing relief from the heat of the tongue-tingling flavours.

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