Gen Z have a new word for enjoying the ‘perfect’ Diet Coke

When Diet Coke is served perfectly chilled, Gen Z calls it “crispy.”

The younger generation believes that you can enhance the crispness of the drink by taking extra steps.

The secret lies in chilling the can, which includes storing it in the fridge for a long time and using additional icing techniques such as excessive ice or frozen glasses.

The “crispy Diet Coke” trend is so popular that there are nearly 1 million videos on TikTok showing the thirst-inducing methods of guzzling cola.

‘Perfect crispy Diet Coke recipe’

Kristen Hollingshaus, a US woman who regularly documents the preparation involved in enjoying the “perfect glass” of Diet Coke fizzy stuff, is one of the most dedicated Diet Coke fans.

The 26-year-old San Francisco woman amassed over 1.5 million views for her favorite “recipe” to make a “crispy DC.”

In the video, she says, “I’ve been waiting upwards of two weeks to take this exact Diet Coke Break, because my ingredients had to marinate.”

What do you mean when I say marinate? This is the secret to a perfect, gorgeous, beautiful, and crispy Diet Coke.

The longer the food is in the refrigerator, the crispier the result will be. “My minimum time in the fridge is probably between two and three days.”

Kristen continues to say that she prefers drinking it with a glass and a frozen drink, calling the detail “key.”

She showed a glass that was frosted and explained: “This has been frozen for…a long time.”

Then, she adds ice.

Ice is essential. “I prefer pebbles, but it doesn’t need to be.”

The young woman then declares: “Wow! It takes my breath away each time.”

Other videos demonstrate “crispy Diet Coke Recipes” that use frozen citrus wedges, including lime and lemon.

Some have praised the “level of love” put into making this beverage “crispy,” while others claim it “changed their life.”

One person said, “A crisp Diet Coke tastes different.”

Another person also agreed.

One person wrote: “I did it step-by-step and I am in heaven.”

Some people said that the current trend made them drink the fizzy – even though they are not cola lovers.

One person wrote: “I haven’t stopped craving Diet Coke ever since I discovered ‘crispy Tok’.”

This is amazing. Another added, “I feel like I might die if I didn’t drink crispy Diet Coca right now.”

Another person said, “I have never had Diet Coke and I now crave one.”

Others even gave additional tips on how to make it “crispy.” They said that cola should be served traditionally, straight from the can.

One person pleaded, “Use bottles, not cans, and don’t hold the bottle so high while pouring and stirring it. You are removing tons of carbonation… those crisp, carbonated bubbles!”

Someone else said, “Girl listen to me, this is just frozen straw.”

Some people didn’t understand the meaning of ‘crispy,’ asking, “Can you explain what ‘crispy,’ in crisp Diet Coke, means?”

A popular nutritionist on TikTok explained that the confusion among those older than Gen Z is due to their lack of understanding regarding “romanticizing” or enhancing what they consume.

Abbey Sharp, a regular contributor to content aimed at “busting wellness BS,” says that we should adopt this technique for all food and drinks.


“We would never eat before a meeting ever again.”

As a result, we’d be more in tune with the satiety of our bodies.”

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