Green flags reveal how good a restaurant is going to be

Long line one year after the opening

Everybody wants to be first in line when a new, buzzy restaurant opens. The fact that the restaurant has remained busy a year after opening is a good sign.

Grandma of someone is cooking.

When someone’s grandmother is in the kitchen, you know that you are in for a tasty time; the secret ingredient to this is love. It’s also likely that the kitchen runs like an oiled machine.

There are plenty of waitstaff.

You’re in good hands if a restaurant has enough business to hire enough staff to handle the chaos. It’s no secret that the past couple of years have been difficult, but it seems the trend is moving back towards a talented and well-versed staff to run the show.

Solid Recommendations

If your waiter is glowing while making recommendations, it’s important to take note, especially if the dish or wine being recommended is not the most expensive or special.

The taxi drivers eat there.

If the cab drivers in your city are eating there, you can be sure that it will be good. They drive around and know the best places to get a good laksa.

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