How to accessorize your wedding day look

You have many options when it comes to elevating your bridesmaids’ look. There are so many choices: earrings, clutch bags and heels. We’ve created this guide for you to assist you in styling your wedding.


Your jewellery choice will tie together your entire wedding day look, whether you want a simple or elegant look. There are so many options that it can seem overwhelming. You have the option of timeless and delicate jewels or trendy statement pieces. Start with your hairstyle and dress, and then base your jewellery choices on them.

A necklace that is too busy for a dress with a neckline that is intricately carved will look unprofessional. Drop earrings are a better choice. A statement necklace or low-cut, strapless necklace is the perfect choice for you. When it comes to earrings, let your hairstyle dictate your choice. You can choose simple studs or drop earrings if you have your hair down. You can also go for something more dramatic if your hair is up.

Here are some tips for wedding jewellery

  • Statement jewellery can elevate a plain dress.
  • For a cohesive look, match your metals
  • Your gown’s most striking features should guide your jewellery choices
  • Avoid jewellery designs that closely match the embellishments of your dress.


Perfect shoes are essential for any outfit, especially on a wedding day. While finding the right pair of heels for your beautiful gown is crucial, comfort should be paramount. You will likely be standing for long periods, so it is important to ensure your comfort. You can look your best while still stunning in beautiful bridal shoes that don’t have high heels.

Tips for bridal shoes

  • Take your shoes off before you leave and practice walking in them at home.
  • Gel insoles are a great option for added comfort.
  • For walking, heels with toe and ankle straps offer greater security
  • In case of blisters, make sure to have band-aids with you in your emergency kit


The veil, a timeless and iconic bridal accessory, is a wonderful way to tie your ceremony together. It will look stunning in photos. It is important to consider that the veil should not be the focal point of your wedding gown. A simple one-layer veil will work best if your wedding dress is intricate. However, a long, lacy veil can look stunning if it’s more casual.

Veil tips:

  • Your veil should match the colour of your wedding dress
  • Dazzling jewels and pearls will enhance your look.
  • If your gown has lots of beading, embroidery, or detail, you can opt for a plain sheer veil.

Hair Accessories

Suppose a veil is not your style; there are many beautiful options for finishing your bridal look. It is important to finalize your hairstyle before you pick your accessories. This will determine the style of your accessories. Delicate hairpins or floral combs can complement elegant updos. Statement headpieces and headbands will look great with long, flowing waves.

Additional hair accessories can be a great way of incorporating your wedding theme into your overall look. Boho brides love the idea that hair clips or pins can be decorated with flowers, leaves, or vines for an evocative, natural look. A striking hairpiece made with feathers or rhinestones is a great option if you plan a modern, glamorous wedding.

Tips for wedding hair accessories

  • Your accessories should be securely secured in your hair
  • If you are doing thick, bouncy waves, avoid dainty accessories
  • Before you make your final decision, talk to your hairdresser about accessories

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