Krispy Kreme Teevee Snacks

If I do, don’t mind.

You last purchased a packet of TeeVee snacks in the 90s. Now is the time to re-discover the small chocolate biscuits.

Although little has changed over the decades in the TeeVee snack line, Arnott’s has teamed with Krispy Kreme and launched five new doughnut-inspired flavors.

The new ring-shaped snack is available in five Krispy Kreme classic flavors: Original Glazed (Caramel Delight), Choc Iced (Cookies & Cream), and Strawberry Sprinkle.

Krishna Sood is Arnott’s brand manager. She says that TeeVee snacks are a well-loved Australian biscuit, and she’s thrilled to work with Krispy Kreme in bringing a new twist to this classic treat. This new range of “dough-biscuits,” inspired by Australia’s most loved doughnuts, is the collaboration that TeeVee snack fans have been waiting to see!

Caramel Delight

These biscuit bites in the shape of doughnuts are baked until they have a crispy crunch. The biscuits are covered in caramel icing and topped with golden caramel sprinkles.

Kookies & Kreme

These biscuits are made with baked chocolate cookies and coated in white chocolate icing. It has mild vanilla and coconut flavors and is finished with cocoa sprinkles.

Strawberry Sprinkle

These classic pink doughnut-shaped biscuit bites are glazed with sweet strawberry icing and rainbow sprinkles.

Choc Iced

For a chocolaty experience, these golden biscuits in the shape of doughnuts are coated with bittersweet dark chocolate and vanilla-flavored notes.

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