Diamonds are a traditional choice, but they are not the only stones available. In recent decades, couples have chosen to use colored gemstones as the centerpiece of their engagement rings. These stones offer a unique statement and symbolism that is personal to each team. Western Australia Wedding & Brides Jacqueline Foley sits with Rochelle Purdy, second in command at Carmen Jewellers Joondalup, to discuss alternative engagement rings that will make your bridal look unique.

Purdy, a Goldfields girl, grew up behind the counters in her family’s business. This is where she developed her passion for fine jewelry. Engagement rings are a sign of commitment and love between you and the person you’re marrying. The ring that you choose, whether it’s a diamond or a colored stone, as the centerpiece will reflect your unique love story. Purdy describes alternative engagement rings as beautiful ways to express your love and have special meanings that are unique to you. Discover how to make a piece of jewelry that reflects your love story.

A Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds are known to be the most popular choice for engagement rings. They are among the strongest natural substances and symbolize eternal love and commitment. You can choose a clear gemstone if you want something classic and traditional but don’t want diamonds.

Artificial gems such as moissanite or cubic zirconia are becoming more popular in recent years. Moissanite, cubic zirconia, and other fake gemstone stones are designed to look like diamonds. Moissanite can be almost as durable. These alternatives are a fraction of the cost of diamonds, and moissanite, in particular, can have a beautiful sparkle.

Life in Colour

Non-diamond rings have been popular throughout history in all cultures. Colored gemstones give you the freedom to create your engagement ring, reflecting any meaning. Ruby and sapphires, especially those with royal blue hues, have been cherished by European royalty for generations. Princess Diana’s Ceylon Blue sapphire engagement ring is one of the most famous in the world.

Purdy also noted an increase in the use of emeralds. This classic gem has been a popular choice for engagement rings as it is a non-diamond alternative. Purdy points out that people are always influenced by the environment they live in. Some like to capture an essence, while others mimic their idols.

Alternative gemstones, such as sapphires and rubies, are more affordable than diamonds. Diamonds can be expensive. By choosing a rock other than diamonds, your ring will stand out. You can choose from a wide range of options, so you’re sure to find something special.
The ring is different than the traditional engagement ring. It can add a touch of personality and fun to the jewelry you wear.

Purdy says that “sapphires are different from diamonds as well as emeralds or any other gemstone.” “Each stone is unique, unlike a diamond. “Diamond grading is precise and fixed in stone, pun intended,” says Ms. Sherry. Sapphires are available in a variety of colors and shapes, including white and black.

You can choose from blue, ocean blue, teal, Ceylon, green, yellow, or pink. It allows for a wide range of customization options and gives your ring a special meaning. Your call can have a variety of purposes, depending on the options you choose.


It would be best if you considered the strength of a stone when choosing a diamond substitute. Some gemstones cannot be worn every day. Diamonds are the strongest gemstone. Other rocks can be very strong, but none is as strong as diamonds. Purdy says that if hands are dry, greasy, stained, or callused, I can ask them if this is something they do every day or just as a hobby. She adds, “I can then advise on materials and designs that are both practical and what the client wants.”

Rarely do people buy or create a piece out of a whim. Purdy says that jewelry is an extension of a person. It is sentimental, and it often contains both memories and love. When creating a piece of jewelry for a customer, it is important to understand them and create a personal connection in order to foster trust and excitement as well as hold empathy. The team at Carmen Jewellers is able to translate customer needs into industry jargon, allowing them to offer you a service and product that are tailored to your unique experience.

Purdy advises: “Many brides feel anxious about taking a risky, unconventional path, but your big day is coming up and you’ll look gorgeous regardless!” Purdy’s final piece of advice is to be brave, take a risk, and do what feels right.

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