Plant-based eating tips to up your vegetable intake

Our mission is to encourage Aussies to eat more veggies every day because even one extra serving can make a big difference in your health. You can increase your intake by doing a few simple things.

Make them snackable

The chips are made with fresh slices of beetroot, carrots, parsnip,p potato o, and sweet potatoes. These chips are not only beautiful but also delicious and healthier.

Slurp up some soup.

Making soup at home is an easy way to add more greens to your diet. It’s also a good way to use up the last of the vegetables in the crisper. This soup is packed with nine vegetables and legumes. The soup is also full of flavor but is still vegetarian, thanks to the plant-based stock.

Add them to sauces.

The kids won’t even notice they are eating vegetables.

Cakes are a favorite

Cakes can be made quickly and easily and are delicious. They’re a hit with the entire family. They’re also great for hiding vegetables. These affordable tuna versions are packed with three vegetables and ready in 25 minutes.

Have veg for breakfast.

Breakfast is not just toast and cereal. Include vegetables in the first meal of your day to get ahead with your daily servings. These little egg pots are filled with sweet potato, kale,e, and capsicum.

Sweeten up

Add vegetables to sweets (yes, even sweets!). We like beetroot and zucchini in chocolate cake and carrot in carrot cake (ahem). You don’t have to stick with sweet vegetables. Try making some savory baked goods, such as these mini spinach muffins.

Use as carbs

What is the dish you are making that calls for noodles? Turn zucchini into zoodles instead! You want the mash to go with your pie. Try cauliflower mash. You’ll still get a hearty, flavourful dish but with more vegetables instead of carbs.

Replace meat with vegetables.

Substitute your favorite vegetables for a dish that normally features meat. This vegan bolognese is a fusion of lentils and meaty” mushrooms. You can even go vegan for one day per week to see how your vegetable consumption will skyrocket.

Get dipping

Don’t just serve chips when you entertain! Instead of chips, serve your dip with raw vegetable sticks. This creamy white bean dip will be a hit with everyone.

Serve Slaw

Coleslaw can be a delicious way to increase your vegetable intake. We like to buy a bag of pre-prepared ingredients from the supermarket and add our ingredients, such as grated radish, cucumber, apple, and fresh herbs.

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