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A photo booth is a fun way to involve your guests in the wedding festivities. There’s a good chance that not all of your guests are going to want to pose with your wedding photographer. But there is a good chance they will go to the photo booth for a funny group shot or selfie using a silly prop. Western Australia Wedding & Brides Jacqueline Foley talks to Vicky Le, owner of Illuminate photo booth hire in Perth, about how hiring a picture booth can bring a unique element to your wedding.

Le started her business in 2021 during a time of uncertainty for all industries, but especially the wedding and hospitality industry. She has slowly built up her backdrop and prop selection over the years to create a unique set-up with fun and attractive signs and modern props. Le’s aim has always been to make your guests enjoy the wedding day as much as you want it. There are many props to choose from, so everyone can add excitement and fun to your wedding day. Learn how to make your wedding day fun.

What’s in a Booth

A photo booth is a great way to provide your guests with a memorable experience. They will have a lot of fun, make some unforgettable memories, and take home a copy of the photo booth session. A variety of props are displayed to enhance the photo booth experience. The guests enjoy choosing the braces, how they will use them, and which poses they will do before the camera. Le says that the best part of the experience is when guests get their prints and smile at them. There are so many options to choose from, including lightsabers or Hulk fists, poke balls or Pikachu glasses, gold chains, and classic ‘Love.’
Your photos will be filled with personality.

“With a day packed to the brim full of formalities, the wedding couple misses out on a lot at

Le adds: “The wedding reception is a great way to capture the guests enjoying themselves at your wedding.” She adds, “With the photobooth you can capture all of your guests having fun at your wedding.” Couples enjoy having an online gallery to share with guests. Le says that the wedding couple spends a lot of time planning the wedding, and their guests are the greatest compliment by posting photos from the wedding.

Quirky Fun

Le explains that “a picture can tell you a thousand things, but just a few words will change the story.” She adds, “Hard prop signs are filled with fun sayings and fun props will definitely bring the party to the photo booth.” Illuminate Photo Booth Hire is unique because of its themed prop sets. Le says that Australia is a very multicultural country, and each culture has its way of celebrating marriage. She adds, “Whether we are 1st or 2nd generations, our language and culture don’t change.” She wants to be able to accommodate guests from all cultures. So, she designed and sourced several different cultural wedding sets for those who don’t speak English or enjoy some fun cultural sayings.

Le says that wedding guests love the convenience of having a link to the online gallery they attended. This allows them to download their photos almost instantly as a keepsake to remember the special day. “There’s also the

Le adds, “Guests can download the printed version immediately by scanning the QR codes on the screen.” She adds, “This is a great safety measure for Coronavirus.”


The venue is a major factor in the practicality of hiring a wedding photo booth. Le recommends that you allow two hours to set up so the team can get their equipment into the venue and unload the vehicle. Photo booths require a power outlet and a space of three by three meters to be set up. Le advises that you should be aware of the limitations your venue may have in order to reduce any stress on the day.

Photo booths are a popular wedding accessory. This is a great way to capture the memories of your guests. Le says that you can sit with your family and friends and watch a slideshow, laugh, and enjoy all the pictures taken. Many current wedding trends can entertain your guests and add fun to the event. It could be an audio guestbook, a photo booth, or even a live artist. She says that by providing entertainment to your guests, they will remember the fun of your wedding.

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