US mum divides the internet over controversial Macca’s meal prep hack

A US mother has sparked a debate online over her unusual meal prep hack. She revealed that she freezes McDonald’s nuggets and then reheats them to feed her son.

Se Fordree from South Carolina shared her food tip on TikTok, explaining that “it’s all he will eat.”

“These are the only nuggets my child will eat, so I buy them in large quantities.”

In the video, she showed how to place all of the nuggets in a Ziploc bag and then freeze them before reheating chicken pieces when needed.

You’re going to want to squeeze out all the air. “I put them in the fridge for a day,” advised the mother.

You place them in the fridge for a day because you want to let them cool before you put them into the freezer so they don’t stick together.

The bag of McDonald’s sauces was also placed in the refrigerator.

She then takes the nuggets out of the freezer to reheat them in the microwave.

“I put them on a plate, and then I microwave them.” She said that she usually does ten at a go.

You can see that they’re very loose and friendly. They are not stuck together. “That’s why they need to be refrigerated.”

She heats the food “on high” for 1 minute 30 seconds.

The clip ends when her son dips one of the nuggets in the sauce and eats it.

She said, “They are out of the microwavable and ready to eat.”

One person wrote: “You’ve lost me with your microwave.”

Another said, “Buy cheap ones from Walmart and put them into a McDonald’s canister.”

A third person suggested: “Ask the seller to sell you a frozen bag of their choice.”

A fourth person recalled their childhood and said: “When i was a child, I either ate the food my mum cooked or I didn’t even eat.”

She replied: “I too, but my mother cooked a bunch for us all because she knew we didn’t all like the same foods.”

Another commentator recalled a similar experience: “I ate only what Mum cooked or I starved.”

She replied, “I’m so sorry. I don’t wish that for my children.” My mum did not want this for us.

A person said sarcastically, “That’s really healthy,” to which the mother replied: “He doesn’t eat these ALL the time.” It’s his favorite [sic] chicken nuggets, just like you might have your favorite food.

Another parent asked: “Is it safe to refreeze frozen food that McDonald’s cooked and then reheat?”

Se explained, “McDonald’s doesn’t cook them fully so it’s the same as freezing nuggets that are fully cooked.”

Another person asked, ‘Why don’t you reheat them in the air fryer or oven so they can be crispy again?’

She said that her son also liked it this way but that he was the type that likes bacon cooked limply.

Other parents supported Mum’s trick of meal preparation despite the negative reactions.

It doesn’t matter if your son isn’t eating. One person told me, “You’re doing an excellent job, mama.”

Thank you for providing a space where your child can eat what he wants! “Fed is best!” wrote another.

“Lol, people who judge must not have children.” Third said, “I’ll do anything to get my toddler to consume food.”

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