Viral vodka butter trend that’s spreading like wildfire

Over the years, I have learned that butter is more than a simple spread.

Since then, we’ve seen butter candles and ‘cowboy’ butter (butter mixed in with spices).

According to our friends from, the latest version of the app’s obsession takes a trip down an age-old tradition to add a little spice to your meal. Enter vodka butter.

What is vodka butter?

It’s as simple as it seems. Just vodka and butter blended. Pour some vodka into a food processor and add butter. Blend until the spread is silky smooth with a bit of bite.

What goes with vodka butter

It’s not recommended to eat butter directly on bread unless you are planning a boozy breakfast.

Vodka butter goes well with any salty charcuterie or snack board. Pickles, capers, olives, and tinned salmon and fish are also great.

You can also use it to make a base for pasta, beans, or grills. Check out the recipe to make it as a part of an elegant snack.

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