We hear from modern couples why they want to marry.

Many critics and cynics oppose the institution of marriage. Many comedians can deliver a punchy line, anti-marriage memes galore, and of course, that one jaded relative with enough war stories to make any aisle-eager heart tremble. Yet, every year thousands of Australian couples marry. What are the best reasons to get married? We are here to help you understand the real reasons why couples get married.

Make the person you love happy.

7.2% of the couples polled stated that they married their spouse to make them happy or because it was important for their partner. However, they did not find joy in the process. One respondent put it so well: “My partner wanted to get married… which made me really want him to marry me!”

It is not unusual for one person to be more excited about getting married than the other or to place more value on the tradition. This is a part of the richness of combining two lives and many other compromises in marriage. A legally defined relationship can provide security and a symbol of love and commitment.

The party

Every wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. A large 21.7% of those surveyed stated they decided to get married because they wanted one. They are not wrong, and throwing a great party is one reason we love to get married.

A wedding is not only a memorable occasion for the entertainment, decorative, and culinary aspects. It’s also a great opportunity to make memories with family and friends. Your wedding is an opportunity for you to celebrate your love in your unique way, no matter what your preferred style is.

This couple is a great example of how it all works.


Marriage is an important milestone in life and a tradition in many cultures. 13.8% of those polled stated that tradition was their primary reason for getting married.

Many people don’t believe that the tradition of getting married is solely about the couple. It can be very motivating to get married if you have the opportunity to walk down the aisle with a father figure, carry a family heirloom or be there for your grandparents.

Romance, Baby!

Did you think we would forget the romance? Modern life often requires us to put aside romantic notions to meet deadlines, household obligations, or child-rearing responsibilities. Weddings are a rare occasion where you and your partner can have the day all about you, your story, and your relationship.

A stunning location, romantic styling and reflective clothing are just a few of the things that enhance romance. One poll participant stated, “Formally committing yourself to one person is the highest form of romance!”


For couples who have fought for recognition of their relationship by law, getting married is an important decision. One participant in the survey stated, “We wanted our relationship legally recognized.” We wanted to marry gay couples because it is legal.

You can also benefit from marriage regarding assets, consolidating your finances and tax time. Talk to your accountant and lawyer about the legal implications.

Couples may decide to marry sooner than necessary if immigration laws separate them. This will allow them to keep their relationship intact. One person surveyed said, “We had no choice but to get married to obtain a visa for my partner.” Two years later, he proposed to me. Our real wedding will be in 2023!


One of the most traditional and time-honoured reasons for getting married is religion. Although religion has fallen in popularity (only 3.6% of the couples we surveyed said they were married for religious reasons), it can still be a significant factor for many couples. Faith can play a significant role in the decision to marry. It can also influence your chosen venue, ceremony structure, and many other aspects of your day.

The union of families

Marriage can be a significant milestone in merging two families, whether you are about to have a child or are looking for enough rug rats to make a team of flower children. The marriage ceremony can create a wonderful bond between the parents. A whopping 21.7% of respondents stated that their primary reason for getting married was to ensure their children’s (future or present) happiness.

Couples may also choose to walk down the aisle together to ensure their parents have the same surname. One couple stated, “We wanted our families to be one

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