Beautiful wedding bouquet styles by bloomin

The perfect wedding bouquet is like frosting on a cake. It can complement and tie together your wedding theme and personality as a couple. Perhaps you are planning a lavish wedding with elegant details and luxurious touches. Perhaps you prefer a whimsical affair with pastels and textured flowers. There are many modern, timeless and unusual bouquet options to choose from, no matter what wedding style you have in mind.


Textured bouquets don’t just belong to boho-chic weddings. These beautiful blends of texture, tone and colour are becoming more popular. Florists have used locally-sourced preserved flowers and foliage to create unique designs. Couples love adding dimension to their wedding bouquets by using stunning organic and dried elements. There are many ways to add depth and heart to your floral designs, including curly willow, pampas grass, pinecones, and eucalyptus or cotton.


You might consider adding a bright native bouquet with Australian flowers to enhance your wedding day. A delightful tribute to your home and the Australian Protea and Kangaroo Paws plants would be made with Kangaroo Paws and Kangaroo Paws.


Are you looking for an elegant yet dramatic statement piece? The cascading bouquet is a great choice! You don’t need a traditional bouquet shape. Instead, let your inner goddess shine through with a stunning waterfall-like arrangement. While the long, flowing vines and greenery add a timeless touch to your wedding day, they also provide a sense of elegance and wonder. You can include many wildflowers, such as Orchids, Lilacs or Larkspur. Cascading bouquets are often paired with simple, elegant wedding gowns, as they can draw attention.

Single Stem

The single-stem bouquet trend is a great choice for those who love simplicity and minimalism. This delightful bouquet is affordable and eliminates the need to choose from many options. Choose your favourite bloom and let the romance, sweetness, and simplicity speak for themselves.

Bold pops of colour

Including a bit of your favourite colour in your wedding bouquet is a great idea. It will add some fun to the ceremony and make the photos stand out. You can go dark and moody with reds, burgundies, or more rainbow-inspired colours. This could be perfect for your wedding day if you choose neutral-toned decorations and a setting.


Because of their affordability, flexibility and longevity, artificial blooms are increasingly popular with couples. Although you might think artificial flowers look the same as real flowers, you may be surprised at how good they can look. The quality and appearance of faux flowers have improved significantly over the years thanks to new materials and medium improvements. You’ll feel like you have a new bouquet with today’s silks and latex. The best part? Your favourite flowers will never go out of season.

Simple, Fresh & Delicate

Imagine that you are an elegant, mature soul. You might choose a simple, modern arrangement. This is what Hollywood’s golden-age actors like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn preferred. To add romance to your wedding, you don’t necessarily need to have a large, vibrant, colourful arrangement. You can choose a few blush- or cream-coloured flowers, such as peonies, classic roses, carnations or fresh Gypsophila or Muscari, and let their subtle elegance speak for itself.

Composite Bouquet

Mixed bouquets are a unique and clever way to present flowers. They will amaze your guests and make them wonder how you did it. To appear as one large bouquet, they are made of hundreds of single petals wired together and tapered on a single stem. It takes a lot of effort, patience, time, and fine attention to detail, but it is well worth it!


There are many ways to create a vintage feel, whether you want to pay homage or love the look of old times. To recreate the sophistication and magic of previous years, you can use warm, caramel tones or dried Gypsophila.

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